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  • Minister of Discipleship and Ministry Programming

    Minister of Discipleship and Ministry Programming

    Job Description


    The Minister of Ministries shall assist the Senior Pastor in giving leadership to congregational discipleship initiatives, provide oversight of church ministries, and provide direction for church ministries and ministry leaders in developing effective ministry programming.


    The Minister of Ministries shall be directly supervised by the Pastor. The position will work in cooperation with the staff and leadership of the church.


    1. Provide leadership for membership assimilation, engagement, retention and reclamation efforts.
    2. Provide leadership of church-wide ministry activities, events and programming.
    3. Create a culture of deepening and ongoing discipleship for all levels of spiritual formation, affinity and age.
    4. Create and promote an online church campus that includes engagement, Bible study, communication and eGiving.
    5. Work with the New Disciples Orientation and Bridge ministries to make certain connections with ministries are made.
    6. Increase the level of congregational participation in both discipleship and ministry service opportunities at all levels and ages.
    7. Be responsible for the implementation of ministry strategies to accomplish stated goals.
    8. Provide leadership of the incubation of new church ministries.
    9. Assist in coordination and facilitation of Ministry/ Leadership meetings.
    10. Participate in relationship development as directed by the Pastor.
    11. Keep the Pastor informed of ministry goals and plans.
    12. Oversee measurement of key ministry functions and goals.
    13. Utilize diverse communication skills and instruments to enhance the ministry of the church.
    14. Enhance and manage a variety of support functions necessary for church operation.
    15. Assist in the development and oversight of church curriculum.
    16. Implement creative and practical solutions to challenges of church administration and operation.
    17. Perform other duties as assigned and as needed to support the ministry of the Church.


    1. Experience includes a minimum of 5 years in leadership positions, with specific experience in ministry development and organizational dynamics.
    2. Must be experienced in congregational care and team building.
    3. Must have strong leadership skills and must have good interpersonal skills.
    4. Must have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and must demonstrate the reality of that relationship through their life and testimony.
    5. Must have ministry leadership experience, to include adult ministry and the ability to relate on a personal and spiritual level.
    6. Must be creative, spiritual, highly organized, and administrative in thinking and execution.
    7. Must have proficiency with web-based software and the use of social media.
    8. Must be able to effectively manage multiple priorities and assignments.
    9. Must have a strong and consistent Biblical teaching ability and able to effectively communicate God’s work in various settings.
    10. Must possess strong oral and written communication skills.
    11. Must have expertise in Microsoft Office.
    12. Must have proven interpersonal and conflict management skills and able to make decisions in keeping with the vision, policies and practices of the Church.
    13. Must be self-directed and self-motivated.

    Hours/Working Conditions:

    This is a regular, full-time salaried position. This position maintains hours as agreed upon by the Pastor, to include evenings and/or a weekend required to enhance the ministry of the church.

    To apply for this position, please send your cover letter and resume to hr@wattschapel .org.



If you know of job opportunities, please send the information to hr@wattschapel .org and we’ll post it for 30 days.